Rules and templates

The Stepwise EPD project has developed rules and templates for making Stepwise EPDs in a cost-efficient manner. These can be downloaded here:

The Stepwise EPD guideline contains the rules for making Stepwise EPDs. Download

The template for product data collection helps to find the necessary data from the manufacturing stage. It is available in both English and Swedish.
Download English version
Download Swedish version

After doing the Stepwise EPD, a plan for upgrading it to a full EPD should be made. There is a planning guide for upgrading the Stepwise EPD to meet the requirements of the EPD® system. Download planning guide.

There is also a template in Word for the standardized Stepwise EPD format and a template for communicating results from the critical review process. These are made available to you during the critical review. All Stepwise EPDs must be critically reviewed by an expert who has previously done a Stepwise EPD. This is our mechanism to share experiences and develop the concept.


Paper about the Stepwise EPD project

The paper "Stepwise Environmental Product Declarations - Ten case studies", summarizing project results, is now published and available electronically in the Journal of Cleaner Production. Access to the full text of the article depends on your personal or institutional entitlements.

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