How do I get a Stepwise EPD

The reason for developing the Stepwise EPD approach was to make EPDs more affordable. A necessity for cost-efficiency is to involve an expert with access to software and databases for life cycle assessment in the work, at least the first time a company makes an EPD. If your company is interested in developing an EPD, you are welcome to contact one of the project partners in the list below:

  • Mats Zackrisson (coordinator) - - Swerea IVF AB- Sweden
  • Anna Jarnehammar - - IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute Limited - Sweden
  • Kim Christiansen - - 2.-0 LCA consultants ApS - Denmark
  • Lars-Gunnar Ljungdahl - - Stockholm School of Economics In Riga - Latvia
  • Cristina Rocha - - INETI, National Institute of Engineering, Technology and Innovation - Portugal

You may of course use other experts in life cycle assessment. The only formal requirement is that the Stepwise EPD is critically reviewed by an expert who has previously done a Stepwise EPD. This is our mechanism to share experiences and develop the concept. As the Stepwise EPD concept becomes more widely used, this page will contain a list of all experts who has done a Stepwise EPD.


Paper about the Stepwise EPD project

The paper "Stepwise Environmental Product Declarations - Ten case studies", summarizing project results, is now published and available electronically in the Journal of Cleaner Production. Access to the full text of the article depends on your personal or institutional entitlements.

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