Why do an EPD?

From a producers or suppliers point of view, there are two very good reasons to do an EPD:

1) you want to learn more about your product’s environmental strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement;

2) you want to communicate your product’s environmental profile in an objective and credible way.


From a purchasers point of view, EPDs are a means to compare similar products environmental performance and let your purchasing power stimulate environmental improvements.


Stepwise EPD is a cost-effective way of trying out to work with EPDs. Read more about the difference between a real EPD and a Stepwise EPD under The concept.


See what a Stepwise EPD looks like under Completed declarations.


Paper about the Stepwise EPD project

The paper "Stepwise Environmental Product Declarations - Ten case studies", summarizing project results, is now published and available electronically in the Journal of Cleaner Production. Access to the full text of the article depends on your personal or institutional entitlements.

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