Simulering av produktegenskaper för effektiv produktframtagning
Simulation of product properties for efficient product development

The aim is to develop and establish a new and generic methodology for sequential simulation that includes the influence of manufacturing processes on product properties in the virtual product development process. New and multidisciplinary knowledge will be created that connects areas like simulation, manufacturing processes, physical testing and durability and that takes geometry, external loads, materials and manufacturing processes into consideration when virtually predicting product properties. This will decrease the future need for physical prototypes and testing and create a more efficient product development process. Industrial test cases will be carried out where different manufacturing sequences will be simulated and where the results will be calibrated and compared with physical tests of real components. Industrial directives will be developed concerning simplification and adaption of models for single processes into simulated sequences, transferring, data storing and presentation of models and results between different simulated core processes, translation of simulation results to durability and generic use of sequential simulation. The results will be implemented at the participating companies.

Research conducted by:
IVF, KIMAB and participating companies

For more information please contact: Mats Werke IVF

Forskningsprojekt finansierat av Vinnovas program för effektiv produktframtagning och IKT-användning
Research project financed by Vinnova