D:Chip Scale Pack.
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D: Introduction
D: Guidelines
D: Background
D: References

Chapter D: Chip Scale Packaging

by Per-Erik Tegehall


D1. Level 1. Introduction to CSP Technology

D1.1 Definition of CSP

D1.2 Description of various types of CSPs

D1.3 Driving Forces for using CSPs

D1.4 Advantages and disadvantages using CSPs

D1.5 Standards and Common Practice

D1.6 Price

D2. Level 2. Conclusions and Guidelines

D2.1 Technical Issues

D2.1.1 Basic properties of CSP packages

D2.1.2 Electrical performance

D2.1.3 Thermal performance

D2.1.4 Reliability issues

D2.2 Production Issues

D2.2.1 Design rules and compatibility

D2.2.2 Assembly Issues

D2.2.3 Tools and investments

D2.2.4 Inspection and Workmanship Standards

D2.2.5 Rework and Repair

D3. Level 3. Background Information (Links)

D3.1 Report

D4. Level 4. References

D4.1 Recommended Reading

D4.2 General References

D4.3 Standards

D4.4 Conferences

D4.5 Companies

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