A: Wire Bonding
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A: Introduction
A: Guidelines
A: Background
A: References

Chapter A: Wire Bonding

by Zonghe Lai and Johan Liu


A1. Level 1. Introduction of wirebonding technology

A1.1 What is wirebonding

A1.1.1 Wirebonding processes

A1.1.2 Wirebond forms

A1.3 History and applications

A1.4 Cost

A1.5 Limitation of wirebonding

A2. Level 2. Conclusions and guidelines

A2.1 Wirebonding techniques

A2.1.1 Ball bonding

A2.1.2 Wedge bonding

A2.2 Wires and typical metallurgical systems

A2.2.1 Wires usually used in wirebonding

A2.2.2 Metallurgical systems

A2.3 Bonding equipment

A2.3.1 Wirebonder

A2.3.2 Bonding tools

A2.4 Wirebonding guideline

A2.4.1 Process optimization

A2.4.2 Wirebonding design

A2.4.3 Bond evaluation

A2.5 Failure mechanisms of wirebonds

A2.5.1 Failure shooting

A2.5.2 Pad cleanliness

A2.5.3 Bonding failures

A2.5.4 Reliability failures

A3. Level 3. Background information

A3.1 Report

A3.2 Publication

A4. Level 4. References

       A4.1 Recommended reading

       A4.2 General references

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