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Stakeholder involvement

Stakeholder involvement is a necessary part of the study. Involvement shall be in both directions. On the one hand the stakeholders shall receive important information about the study and its results and then be provided an opportunity to comment on this information. On the other, the stakeholders will be asked to participate in the information collection part of the study.

This website

  • will reflect the work progress and give a picture of the project to the stakeholders;
  • will publish results from sub-steps (VHK-method);
  • will publish invitations to workshops; and
  • will open up for other contacts.


The object of the workshops is to give stakeholders opportunities to give their view and to include them in the study and in the final report.

There will be two workshops during the study. At the end of April an invitation to the first workshop will be distributed. The date is May 30, 2006 in Gothenburg and the preliminary program will include:

  • Project description.
  • Results available at that time.
    • Only the first tasks
  • Request for contributions relating to the
    • Project.
    • Collection of information regarding market information.
    • Consumer behaviour information.
    • Data for the base case.
    • Trends in the product category.
    • Possible new options.

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