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EuP Ecodesign Preparatory Study - Computers and Monitors

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Welcome to the EcoComputer website. The aim is to share information with stakeholders.

This preparatory study is linked to the Ecodesign directive for EuP (energy using products) 2005/32/EC, and is the fist step in considering whether and which eco-design requirements should be established for computers and monitors. It will identify and recommend ways to improve the life-cycle environmental performance of the product in the design phase. The methodology described by VHK in the methodology report (MEEuP) will be followed.

The Industrial Research and Development Corporation (IVF) is responsible for the study, which will be carried out in cooperation with TCO development and the Swedish Environmental Research Institute Ltd. (IVL). Many experts in different fields will be co-opted from these organisations. The project group includes experts on electronics (design and manufacturing), business, eco-design, life cycle assessment, market trends and technology.

We cannot do the study on our own. We need a lot of contributions from the stakeholders to get enough valid information to build on. Please contact us if you think you can contribute!

This website and what is written here, is our work. It is not the opinion of the Commission.

Anna Karin Jönbrink, Project Manager

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